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As we mentioned before two of our Architects have designed and built our own homes for our families to enjoy. Going through this process has given us both a unique perspective as both designers AND client. This has helped us understand the dreams, excitement AND fears associated with building your own home.

Let’s look at some of fears we have encountered and briefly explain how HBK Architects can offer solutions.

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Answering your concerns

We are very busy with work and family life, who will manage our project?

 If you employ us for a full service, we will manage your project through all stages of the works including supervising the building works. Designing and building your new home will require you to make a lot of decisions but we will use our experience to help guide you along the way.


We have never been involved in a construction project before, we have no experience reading drawings or understanding building jargon etc?

We strive to communicate with you in a clear and concise manner at all times. We understand that 2 dimensional drawings can be difficult to visualise. Our drafting software allows us to produce 3 dimensional images of how your house will look.


We have heard so many stories of poor quality builders, how do we know which builders to use?

Being experienced also means we also have worked with a wide range of builders in Ireland. We have an extensive list of builders and will only work with new builders who come with solid references and recommendations from trusted sources.


How will we maintain control over our budget?

We have a number of options available to us here. Using previous projects, we can produce a cost estimate based on recent tendering rates. We also have good working relationships with some Quantity Surveyors who can produce cost estimates or more detailed pricing documents for the builder to price.


How long will Planning Permission take and who will deal with the Planning Service?

Every planning application is unique and the timescale often depends on a number of site specific items. (Site Access, neighbouring properties, proximity to water courses etc). We strive to maintain as much contact as possible with the planning service during the application process so we can keep you updated on progress.


Modern designs sometimes look very sterile; I want my house to feel homely. How do I do that?

We encourage you to begin searching magazines, the internet, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. We would ask you to begin saving specific projects and buildings that you enjoy in both aesthetic, function, and form.  Collectively, your favourite projects will tell a story of what style or styles you are drawn to.


Will my house be expensive to heat in the future?

While looking through our portfolio of projects you may have noticed that we have designed a number of houses with sustainable forms of heating. Some of these have included technologies such as Solar Water Heating & Wood Pellet Boilers. Our designs also exceed the levels of insulation required by local Building Regulations.


Architects have great ideas but are not in touch with clients, budgets, family life. It’s not their money   

We make no apologies that we strive to be as creative as possible. That is why our clients employ us in the first place. That being said we also respect our clients’ needs, tastes and emotional and financial investment in the project. A successful project for us is a project that exceeds our client’s expectations on all levels, be that functionally, aesthetically or financially.

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